Great Iphone and Ipod advanced user tips

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Quickly silence a call

Press the power button while the phone is ringing. The call will then be sent to your voicemail.

Reorganise your home page

Tap and hold any application icon until they start to "dance". You can then move the icons or delete the apps.

Go to the top

Tap the time display in Safari, Messages or Contacts.

Switch between screens

Switch between screens by swiping across left or right. Or tap once near the corner, to the left or right of the row of dots, which indicate the screen you are on.

Lock the screen orientation

Double tap the Home button then swipe your finger to the right to reveal the Portrait Lock and iPod controls.

Cut, copy and paste text

Tap on the letters and hold to activate the magnifying glass. Then choose Select to bring up the Cut, Copy and Paste options. Drag the blue sliders to highlight the text.

Take a screenshot

Press and hold the Sleep button and Home button together. The picture will be added to the camera roll.

Access/close background applications

Double-tap the Home button to access the multitasking feature. Tap and hold the application to activate the option to close the program.

Force quit applications

Press and hold the Power button until the slide to power off the screen appears. Then press and hold the Home button for about 6 seconds until the application quits.

Undo an action

Shake the phone.

Create a folder

Tap and hold on an application icon until it starts to "dance". Then drag it on top of another application to create a folder. This folder can be moved to the dock at the bottom of the screen as well.

Rename folders

Tap and hold on an application icon until it starts to "dance". Then tap on the folder name to start typing.

Switch the default search engine

Go to Settings then select Safari. In the Search Engine option, you can choose either Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Voice control dialing

Press and hold the Home button for 3 seconds.

Make calls from Safari and Notes

Press the number and it will start to dial.

Enabling parental controls

Prevent your children from deleting all your applications under the Restrictions option in the General settings.






How to


End a sentence and start a new one

Double-tap the spacebar to add a period and a space.

Add words to the dictionary

Type the word when composing a message and it'll be saved.

Enter domain names quickly

Press and hold down the ".com" button and options such as ".org", ".edu" and "" will appear.

Enter accented letters

Press and hold down individual letters.

Enter punctuation quickly

Press and hold down "@123" button and slide to the required punctuation, then release it.

Quick delete

Delete emails, SMSes or podcasts in List view by swiping your finger from right to left.

Creating an event in an email

Tap on the highlighted date and time in the email and then select Create Event.

Fix CAPS lock

With Caps Lock Enable on (Settings > General > Keyboard), double-tap Caps Lock to fix it on or off. If it's off, click and hold Caps Lock then slide over to a letter to capitalise it.

Display character count

In Settings, tap Messages, then tap the Character Count switch. The count appears as you type when your message exceeds two lines. This lets you know whether you're sending more than one SMS which helps you to save cost if you're roaming.

FaceTime in Messaging

Tap on the FaceTime button at the top of the threaded view in messaging. Wi-Fi needs to be enabled for this.






How to


Wake up your iPod

Press the Home button to wake the screen, then double-click the same button to bring up a set of mini-iPod controls and the last music you were listening to.

Customise iPod controls

In the iPod application, go to More > Edit. Drag-and-drop shortcuts into the four slots at the base.

Listen to just the audio in a video

Press the Power button while the video is playing. This will turn off the screen and the video. Press the Home button twice then click play.

Set Sleep mode for iPod

Open the Clock application, select Timer and then adjust how long you want the music to play before it shuts off. Then tap When Timer Ends and select Sleep iPod. Click Set and start the timer.

Zoom out in Maps

Put two fingers on the screen and do the opposite of a pinch to zoom out when viewing maps.

Save images in Safari and Mail

Touch and hold an image in Safari or Mail and you'll be prompted to save the image. The picture will be stored in the Saved Photos library.

Select camera focus point

Tap anywhere on the screen.

Digital zoom on camera

Tap the screen to bring up the zoom control then use the slider to zoom in and out.

Use the camera's macro mode

The camera automatically goes into macro mode when subject is very close to the lens.

Rename a voice memo

Tap ">" button to open the Info page. Tap Custom and type in a new name.

Edit a voice memo

Tap ">" button to open the Info page. Select Trim Memo and then drag the endpoints of the scroll bar to cut the sound.

Assign a ringtone for a contact

You can assign your friend a ringtone and specific text tone when editing contacts.




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