Custom Built Computers


This is really the heart of our business. It is what we built our reputation on. Whether it be for office work, gaming, or digital video and photography. Our vast knowledge and understanding of computer hardware and software allows us to design and build a machine geared to your needs without amassing you unnecessary expenses.

 custom computer


Upgrades and Repairs (including Laptops)


Is your computer slow, unable to play the latest games? Have you run out of room to store your latest photos or songs? An upgrade could be the answer to your dilemma. Is your printer refusing to print? We offer inexpensive upgrades and repairs for all your computer needs.

Frustrated, frazzled and frenzied? Give us a call, we’ll handle it all. We can come to you and determine what the problem is, supply the required components if necessary and have your computer up and running in no time.

Computers can be very frustrating at times and we are tempted to throw out the old and bring in the new. However, an upgrade may be all that is needed to give your old computer new life. With a little TLC your old computer can give you many more years. Give us a call to discuss your options before you rush out and purchase that brand new computer.

Our skilled technicians work throughout the day building, repairing, upgrading, and cleaning systems. We have the facilities, knowledge, and drive to tackle any computer problem. With an on staff electronic technician even physical damage to devices can be repaired on site.


We can fix most problems with your laptop or computer including:


  • Operating system faults
  • Virus and spyware removal
  • PC tune-up & health check
  • PC / laptop troubleshooting
  • PC format and operating system re-install


 computer repair

Data Backup and Recovery

SALNEX Microsystems understands the importance of keeping your files safe. The loss of a hard drive can be devastating. We can design a data storage solution to fit your company’s needs. Ranging from office storage to removable backup to NAS and RAID Systems.


We offers the most technologically advanced hard drive data recovery available! Our team can handle virtually any request, retrieving information from crashed hard drives, finding lost files, recovering after virus attacks and many other types of malfunctions and errors. If someone has told you that your data is unrecoverable, send it to us for a second opinion. We work with a deep appreciation about the vital nature of your data, whether it is personal or business.

If you are experiencing any file loss related problem call us now for friendly advice and the fast and confidential data recovery service. Our primary concern is keeping you and your business afloat. Data loss can be prevented with one simple Phone call .


 data recovery


Network Design Setup and Maintenance


Whether you need a wired or wireless solution, we can make your networking dreams come true. For home networks, to office installations and even custom wiring for restaurants, we are able to order needed equipment, implement the required system and troubleshoot any problem that may arise along the way.


Retail Point of Sale Systems


Ideal for retail stores, chain stores, restaurants, cafes, clubs, factories, warehouses, libraries, schools, Government departments - any business that can not afford to lose customers due to slow service or poor inventory control.


Websites Design Solutions


We provide a thoroughly highly effective graphic design solutions, website development, search engine optimisation.  Specialising in every aspect of the customer experience with an emphasis, on utilising contemporary design and technology to create highly effective, and cost effective communication to the market place.  

 web design

Websites Hosting Packages


Looking for a place to put your website? Our website hosting packages offer flexibility, and all the features you will ever need for your business or personal website.

With the flexibility to upgrade as your needs change, our range of web hosting solutions cater for brochure websites, larger interactive websites, and complex online stores.

 web hosting

And other services Just Ask!