Here’s why we think you should check out SALNEX Computers:


When you buy a complete custom built computer system from SALNEX Computers you get a 3 year parts and labour warranty. All warranty work is performed in our shop with a fast turn around time.

We Sell It, We Build It, We Service It

When you contact SALNEX Computers you speak directly with the person who configured and built your custom computer. This way you can feel you’ve made the right decision, as all of your future problems will be handled by people who know you and your computer system.

Custom Built Computers

Not sure what you need for a computer? Want to know all your options so you can make the best decision? When you decide to purchase a computer, we will answer your questions and help you in your decision making.

Name Brand Components

Why buy a sound card that is made by a company that specializes in making video cards? Would you buy a car from a company that specializes in making stereos? Name brand components offer increased performance and reliability and most importantly better quality.

Increased Reliability

All of our computers are built with quality name brand components that are fully compatible with your system. We run many advanced test on our custom built computer to insure everything is running very smoothly, checking for all type of incompatiblities and system conflects.

These quality components allow for future lower priced upgrades and system expansion costs. Your computer will also have better performance and be more reliable overall.

Options That You Want

Select the speakers that have the sound that you expect, or the monitor that best reduces eyestrain, or the fastest video card that brings your games to life. We provide the options, and lots of them, that enhance the pleasure of using your new computer.

Same Day Service.

At SALNEX COMPUTERS We understand that sometime things happen unexpectedly, crashed hard drive systems that all the sudden wouldn't switch on etc, therefore we try all our best to reduce your stress buy offering you priority service at fixed price, during the day through late hours of the night to keep you up and running.